Concept Plan for a GreenEnergyPark™ Biomass-Processing Hub

13 March 2013
Published in DalinYebo News

The proposed first commercially viable GreenEnergyPark™ biorefinery in Western KwaZulu-Natal will use maizecobs as its biomass feedstock. First production is proposed for 2016, reaching full capacity by 2019. The target output of the biorefinery is 6,000 tpa of a biorenewable industrial chemical (furfural) and energy equivalent of min. 1 MW electricity.

The investment will be in the order of R130million and is based on the pre-feasibility study and pro-forma business plan. They will provide the foundation for the development of the project in four distinct stages. The estimated seed-funding required to develop the “roadmap” (scoping phase) is ±R2million. Harvesting cobs

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