Furfural-based Binder for Composite Construction Materials

31 August 2016
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Furfural: A bio-based, high-performance, low-cost alternative in the field of surface protection

Researchers at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University) found that a furfural-based binder offers low-cost surface protection solutions for:

  • construction industry: irrigation and drainage construction.
  • protection of galvanic, chemical and other special structures.
  • production of polymers and foams, etc.
Editor’s Comment: We have previously reported on some historic uses and existing potential:

Drop-in Pothole Repairs
Rapid Repair System For Airport Runways
Development of Furfuryl Alcohol Concrete For South African Applications

This research emphasises the many possibilities the use of furfural has. In this case, furfural is a bio-based, high-performance, low-cost alternative in the field of surface protection.

There are other advantages, like the availability and low cost of primary components, simple technology (simple mixing of two compatible fluids), no heat treatment during hardening, high physical and mechanical properties of compositions, ability to control the properties within a wide range offer great prospects for the industrial use of this new binder.

The research considers the possibility of furfural hardening by oligomeric acid, which is both a hardener and a direct participant in processes of polymerization and polycondensation. Low viscosity furfural-based binders, which gelling time is 40-60 minutes were developed. They can be used to produce highly filled materials having high physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance to water and aggressive acidic media. Use of the developed binder as a protective compound for concrete structures is very promising. The coating partially contacts with the concrete surface forming insoluble phosphates. Thus, the protected structure becomes waterproof and can work in an aggressive environment for a long time.





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