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Beautifully Structured Complexity Beautifully Structured Complexity (Picture: DalinYebo)

 Sharing our Intellectual Capital to build and operate bio-refineries

Business Model: JV with biomass owners | Technology Provider | Chemical Sales AgentBusiness Model: JV with biomass owners | Technology Provider | Chemical Sales Agent

We work with partners on the complete integration of biomass harvesting, transportation & storage, conversion to energy & chemicals and trading the chemicals globally.

We have a vast technical and project implementation knowlege base (propriatory technology, trade secrets, etc.).

We benefit from DalinYebo's extensive knowlege

athe manufacture of furfural and its many by-products. Although furfural is only made from a small percentage of the biomass, our high-level knowledge base applies to the whole process of biomass production, biomass processing and the re-cycling of process residues (minerals and fibre) and/or the manufacture of bio-based energy products (steam, electricity, cellulosic ethanol, etc.).

bthe market development and trading of furfural, which is based on ±20 years insider knowledge of a niche market that has unlimited growth potential.

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