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Furfural is made from a variety biomass Furfural is made from a variety biomass (Photo: DalinYebo)

Our passion for biobased chemicals emerged from an investigation in 1998 as we discovered the many possibilities for the conversion of sugar cane into products other than sugar, molasses and bagasse.

For a variety of reasons, we directed our efforts towards the use of the C5-compounds (pentosans) and feedstocks that contain the highest levels of C5s (e.g Oat Hulls, Corn Cobs, Sunflower Husks). There are many traditional uses for the cellulose (e.g. pulp & paper, bagasse-based power) and new uses by the evolving cellulosic ethanol industry, which opens additional lignocellulosic feedstock streams. For us this means an ever greater opportunity for a diverse range of applications that have C5-compounds as their precursors (See Furfural and its many By-products).

Cobchem™: Chemicals from Corncobs

Our Cobchem™ concept is the smart integration of commercially available technologies to harvest corncobs and furfural production, as well as co-generate energy with a Cobelec™ power plant. Its uniqueness is expressed in the absence of (water and air) pollution, as well as in its energy efficiency.

Feedstock for the Manufacture of Furfural

The majority of the furfural is made from corncobs in China (Picture below, left). Corncobs were also used in the USA (Picture below, centre and right) as feedstock for the manufacture of furfural and its down-stream products like furfuryl alcohol.

ChinesePlantChinesePlantCob pile at Omaha furfural PlantCob pile at Omaha furfural PlantOmaha Furfural PlantOmaha Furfural Plant


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