Catalyzing smallholder agricultural finance

Catalyzing smallholder agricultural financeCatalyzing smallholder agricultural finance

By Dan Zook, Project Leader, Dalberg


The world’s 450 million smallholder farmers represent a large – and largely unmet – opportunity for agricultural financing. As population growth and rising incomes create unprecedented demand for food, multinational companies increasingly rely on smallholders to secure their supply


Catalytic Conversion of Furfural into a 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid-Based Polyester with Total Carbon Utilization

Thumbnail image of graphical abstractThumbnail image of graphical abstract

One divided into two combined into one: The catalytic conversion of furfural into a 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid-based polyester, linked by the disproportionation of furoate to furan and 2,5-furandicarboxylate, is reported. In this manner, all carbons are utilized, demonstrating the success of combining a platform molecule from C5 sugars (furfural)


Furfural to Petroleum

Researchers develop four-step catalytic process to produce petroleum refinery feedstocks from biomass sugars

3 January 2013


Molar carbon selectivities for different renewable petroleum refinery feedstocks obtained by hydrocycloaddition and hydrodeoxygenation of condensed furfural–acetone mixtures. Source: Olcay et al. Click to enlarge.

A team


Acetals from Glycerol + Furfural = Biodiesel Fuel Component


The increased production of biodiesel has resulted in the overproduction of glycerol. Many researchers have begun investigating new uses for glycerol, including its conversion to fuel additives. In this paper, glycerol has been reacted with furfural to yield the corresponding acetal. This condensation reaction is carried out under neat

Last modified on 21 February 2013

Collaborative Farming Works!

TSB Sugar brings sweet news to locals

Collaborative Farming Works!Collaborative Farming Works!
SKILLS TRANSFER: The Malelane sugar mill in Mpumalanga has benefited from TSB’s technical and management expertise.

WHEN Remgro subsidiary TSB Sugar realised that it was about to lose 60% of its cane fields owing to successful land claims, management sprang into action.

Instead of shutting down the


About Sugarcane, Co-generation (.. and beyond?)

Beyond electricity: There is big potential for the (South) African sugarcane industry ... (in our humble opinion, of course)

THE South African sugar industry has potential to contribute at least a 1,000MW to the national grid if the government were to move fast in passing enabling legislation, with Eskom agreeing to buy at a


1,4-Butanediol Market, By Application Geography, Trends Forecasts to 2017

Why not from furfural?

1,4 butanediol, commonly known as BDO, is an organic compound predominantly used as a solvent in industrial cleaners and glue removers like tetrahydrofuran (THF). BDO is a saturated carbon-4 straight-chain dibasic alcohol. It is a colorless and almost odorless viscous liquid at room temperature. It is an important


Platform for Agro-processing

Worldclass: Our GreenEnergyPark™ is Investment ready!

SA agro-processing 'needs investment'

6 November 2012

South Africa has a world-class agro-processing sector but its potential is not fully recognised and requires investment, says Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson.

"South Africa has a world-class


GreenEnergyPark: Introduction



The Green Energy Park development is the result of our dedicated effort over the last 3 years in creating simple and profitable technology/applications for the transformation of biomass to energy and/or chemicals. Whether it is a 2MW electricity installation or a 10,000 tpa biobased chemicals


Last modified on 05 May 2014

GreenEnergyPark: Furfural Project Investment Opportunities

DalinYebo has recently (June/July 2011) completed two project development plans, which included the evaluation of feedstock and technology options for large furfural plants in North America and in South Africa, respectively. Business plans have since been developed for these projects. We know Chinese (and other technologies) very well and have a


Engaging the Private Sector to Advance Agribusiness, Food Security and Nutrition in Africa - Business Fights Poverty

Engaging the Private Sector to Advance Agribusiness, Food Security and Nutrition in Africa - Business Fights PovertyEngaging the Private Sector to Advance Agribusiness, Food Security and Nutrition in Africa - Business Fights Poverty

Last week saw around 400 business and development community delegates from 50 countries come together in Johannesburg to discuss how to foster inclusive growth in the agri-food sector by engaging the private sector (download the press release).   


The AgriBusiness Forum 2011, co-hosted by the UNDP and the European Marketing Research


SA moves to establish ‘Renewable Energy Fund’

SA moves to establish ‘Renewable Energy Fund’SA moves to establish ‘Renewable Energy Fund’ South Africa’s National Treasury has issued a tender for a transaction adviser to help it establish a facility, currently termed a ‘Renewable Energy Fund’, that will channel international donor and commercial funding to support South Africa’s ambitious roll-out of renewables technologies.

The request for proposals has

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