GreenEnergyPark: Furfural Project Investment Opportunities

24 October 2011
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DalinYebo has recently (June/July 2011) completed two project development plans, which included the evaluation of feedstock and technology options for large furfural plants in North America and in South Africa, respectively. Business plans have since been developed for these projects. We know Chinese (and other technologies) very well and have a clear plan on how to make them work in the Western world. We have workable and viable solutions that meet Western operational and safety standards. We are also evaluating the viability of even large scale (20,000 tpa or more) furfural production, using bagasse.

In essence the GreenEnergyPark concept is a simple platform for the biomass community (farmers or foresters) to meet the chemical industry. We recently found (by accident) a presentation that just confirmed this: We also have off-take undertakings from major buyers of furfural (in Europe, USA and Japan).

The investment requirements are in the order of US$10million to US$20million with payback in the order of 3.5 to 4.5 years.

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