Bioplastics from Corn/Maize

07 July 2014
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Bioplastic Made from Corn (Youtube)
Biomass derived Plastics

Corn/Maize kernels are the source of the starch, used in the process shown in the video. The company featured in this video had some great ideas, but at the time of writing this article (7 July 2014), its bankruptcy case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana. 

However, industry leader Natureworks LLC said demand is growing because bioplastics offers a greater value proposition to consumers than traditional plastics.

Biobased plastics account for less than 1 percent of the plastics resin sector, but have a 20 percent annual growth rate ..

.. according to

GreenEnergyPark™ does not only provides a rural processing facility for corn/maize, on the basis that cobs (or stover) is used as the feedstock for the generation of energy (steam and/or electricity), but that furfural, is co-produced. Furfural is a green platform chemical for a host of downstream products, incl. bioplastics.

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