Furfural: It's Not Rocket Science

25 October 2013
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Furfural: It's Not Rocket ScienceFurfural: It's Not Rocket Science
Its about kinetics and the control valve.

It's NOT Rocket Science It's NOT Rocket ScienceIn our "Applied Knowhow" article, we describe the background and outline why we offer the most economical and fit-for-purpose biomass-processing technologies to make furfural.

Specifically, we provide



Which includes

Access to Market

With our CLIENTS, we share our understanding of ...

... the furfural market (Not import statistics, but who is buying, where and who from).

... how the furfural market price is determined.

... market trends (downstream uses: traditional and new).

  • knowhow
  • markets
  • Technology
  • Furfural

Source: http://www.dalinyebo.com/item/717-furfural-it-s-not-rocket-science

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