Monomers from Furfural for Polyesters

20 November 2013
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Monomers from Furfural for PolyestersMonomers from Furfural for Polyesters
Important chemicals for the production of biomass-based monomers

Furfural, which is made form biomass, was used to showcase the synthesis[1] of alternatives to petro-chemical derived polymers (polyesters). These products are identical to their petro-chemical equivalents and can be use to as drop-in substitute to manufacture bio-renewable plastics.

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The above tag-cloud represents an analysis of the reference article's abstract.

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[1] Synthesis of Biomass-Based Monomers from Biomass-Based Furfural for Polyesters and Evaluation of Their Biomass Carbon Ratios

  • Furfural
  • Furfural and its many Byproducts
  • Bioplastics
  • Biorenewable Chemicals
  • polyesters


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