uThukela GreenEnergyPark™ - Investor Presentation

07 February 2013
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uThukela GreenEnergyPark™ - Investor PresentationuThukela GreenEnergyPark™ - Investor Presentation
GreenEnergyPark™: Creating Wealth For Rural KwaZulu-Natal

In a Series-A funding, a DalinYebo's group company, Cobelec (Pty) Ltd, wishes to raise R10m to complete the BFS, in exchange for 20-25% share holding in the uThukela GreenEnergyPark™ SPV. The investor will have a first right of refusal to participate in the Series-B finance, during which we shall raise R80 million, about R24million in equity and R56million in project loan (30:70 gearing). R18 million of working capital would either be funded with a short term loan, but may not be necessary as there is an immediate and strong cash-flow.

The GreenEnergyPark™ will provide

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