Philipp Steiner: CEO and responsible for making relationships work, strategies and financial control.

Philipp is a Director of the DalinYebo Group and directs its strategies, oversee financial control of the company and leads a team of very experienced professionals and consultants. Since 1984, he has worked in R&D laboratories (pulp & paper industry), chemical production (batch and continuous process plant management), project management and business development for Swiss, South African and a global company (Dow Chemicals). As a co-founder of DalinYebo (2001), he built the award winning team that invented, developed and commercialised the first-of-its-kind SupraYield technology. His main activities centre around providing advise and being the interface between technology, marketing, innovation and business success.

His specialities are market research, feasibility studies, market development, marketing strategies & presentations, management of tender and proposal preparations, contract negotiations, project development/structuring and business development.

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