Biobased Electricity

1 MW Units 1 MW Units (Photo: DalinYebo)

Bio-based electricity co-generation is a sustainable core-component of the GreenEnergyPark™.

The pro forma business plan (below) is based on our pre-feasibility study to create the FIRST of five 7 MW base load power stations in the "maize triangle" of South Africa. We have identified five sites on the basis of biomass supply security as well as the willingness of the feedstock suppliers to participate in the project. Power generation is an integral part of the GreenEnergyPark™.

Gas Engines For Electricity GenerationGas Engines For Electricity Generation 

Expected Outcome

Based on our technical and business background (the design of and technology transfer for two large bio-refineries), we believe that this project is within our capability to deliver. The projected headlines are:

60,000 tpa of biomass processed, 57.48GWh/yr electricity produced

Expected after tax IRR > ±30%

Forecast return on investment (after tax): >30%

Expected payback period: < 3.5 years

New jobs: 12 direct (+ 40 jobs in agricultural and transportation sector)

Additional income for the farming/supply sector!

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